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7 Steps to a Healthy Divorce Plan

There is no doubt that many couples have struggled since COVID hit—and for understandable reasons. Unemployment, financial stress, home schooling, death of loved ones, mental health issues, and mandated quarantining have all added stress to even the strongest couples.

A recent survey found that about one-third of couples have faced damaging traumatic stress in their marriage over the course of 2020. There are conflicting reports as to whether the divorce rate is, in fact, increasing. However, some experts are stating that the spike is imminent in 2021.

Communicating with your partner, trying to work through issues, and seeking out counseling should always come before rushing to leave the marriage. But, not all relationships are meant to last—and, sometimes getting a divorce is actually an act of self-care. In the end, staying in an unhealthy relationship can cause severe damage to your mental health.

We spoke with divorce lawyers and couples therapists to learn how you can set yourself up for a healthy divorce plan and protect your mental health during this challenging time.

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