Althea Hooks

Executive Legal Assistant, Intake Supervisor & Client Services

Client 100+ Reviews

Althea is always an intricate part of every case and is a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Cronin Law Firm for all of your litigation needs, whether divorce, injury, defense, or general civil litigation--they will take care of you and do what is right for YOU!
Kate J.

Althea M. Hooks joined our Team in June of 2013 providing a solid and dedicated performance. She is a seasoned Senior Legal Assistant with over 35 years in the legal field. Althea has had extensive experience in many different areas of litigation, including divorce, personal injury, criminal, construction/commercial, medical and dental malpractice. She is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients and has increased efficiency in several of her assigned roles, and is very effective. Althea is able to interact directly with potential and existing clients and has increased customer satisfaction rates throughout her career.

In addition to her duties as a Legal Assistant, Althea is also active in many organizations in her community. She is a part of Oakland Meals on Wheels which provides hot meals to local homeless and underprivileged residents. Additionally, she volunteers at the local library for tutoring and encourages literacy in youth. She has also started her first phase of the creating of her very own non-profit focusing on financial responsibility and awareness.