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The CDC recently released a study showing that 175,000 Americans experience an unintentional injury each year. Further, these injuries rank third as the leading cause of death in the U.S. This is behind heart disease and cancer.
When an unintentional injury occurs, chances are you are not willing to forgive so easily. You need a personal injury lawyer to help you determine a remedy for the situation.
If you are looking to hire a lawyer, you find that working with a personal injury lawyer has its benefits.

They Understand the Legal Process

The legal process is complex. You have to deal with insurance companies, complete various forms, and file the correct documents on time. On your own, the chances you will make a mistake due to lack of experience are high.
A personal injury attorney has expertise and skills in the legal process. They will know the best way to protect their client’s interests.

They Know the Worth of Your Claim

The amount of money you might think you are due could be much lower than the actual worth of your personal injury case. When you are not a skilled personal injury lawyer, it is challenging to understand all the elements that could affect your case’s value. You need a professional to assess the correct worth of the personal injury claim.
Hire a lawyer who knows the ways of a personal injury settlement and who understands how to work with sneaky insurance companies. The best lawyers will have the experience to leverage on your behalf. Take advantage of their knowledge to get the settlement you deserve.


Get the Best Personal Injury Settlement

Insurance company employees and their attorneys are sly. They know the law; they know how the process works, and they know how to manipulate you. The insurance company has one interest in mind: money.
This means getting you to take the lowest possible personal injury settlement, saving them some extra money.
If you do not have a personal injury lawyer working on your behalf, the insurance company will know, and they will use it to their advantage and lowball you their offer any way they can. Insurance companies can be awfully aggressive, too, so you want a personal injury attorney just as strong to go head-to-head in negotiations for you.


Motivated by a Contingency

Usually, a personal injury attorney will receive payment when you do. This means that your personal injury lawyer will want you to get the best claim successfully and fast because they have a financial stake in it too. That is why the best lawyer will only take on a personal injury case they think they can win.
Plus, if you worry about the financial implications of your injury while you wait for a settlement, it can be difficult to think about more out-of-pocket costs to find a remedy. Avoid out-of-pocket costs with a personal injury lawyer working on a contingency fee basis.

You Could Go to Trial

Almost every personal injury case will not go to trial because it is long and expensive, and the outcome is hard to predict. It is too much of a financial gamble for both sides.
An insurance company will want to negotiate a personal injury settlement to avoid trial because a trial could likely not bode well for them. They may end up paying much more rather than settling.
An insurance company will want to avoid going head-to-head with your personal injury lawyer in a trial. Your chances of getting the personal injury settlement you deserve are much higher and much faster by having a personal injury lawyer negotiate on your behalf.

Expedite Your Claim

If you have an injury, it could be difficult to navigate the ways of a personal injury settlement because you are not in a healthy condition to do so. A personal injury lawyer has all the means to expedite a personal injury settlement while you are recovering.

Accessing Medical Care

Some physicians may not want to treat you because of the potential for litigation, and they may be hesitant to want to get involved with the insurance company for payment. That is why it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. The best lawyer will work with you and help you find a doctor who will treat you.


A Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Corner

No matter your needs, the legal professionals at The Cronin Law Firm provide exceptional service, masterful insight, and appropriate aggressive representation. If you have an injury because of an at-fault party, do not wait to hire a personal injury lawyer.
We have the tools and support to give you the confidence you need to get the personal injury settlement you deserve. Contact The Cronin Law Firm now.
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