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Britney Spears Worries While Tugging Down Pantyhose In Underwear

Britney Spears has clocked over 2.5 million views for suggestively tugging down her pantyhose while in a skimpy bralette, but the 39-year-old couldn’t catch a break today as the #FreeBritney movement continues to throw her a mix of love and shade.

Posting for her 35.1 million Instagram followers as she continues to celebrate both her engagement to personal trainer Sam Asghari and dad Jamie Spears being suspended as her conservator, the “Circus” singer went sexy in her undies. Her fans, however, had mixed thoughts.

Racy Video Raises Questions

Scroll for the video. It comes as lawyer Sabrina Shaheen Cronin claims that Spears’ racy posts may harm her in her conservatorship case. Britney has been especially racy of late, stripping down to absolutely nothing and covering her modesty with emoji while by a bathtub, also making 2021 headlines for a series of backyard topless posts.

This time sharing a throwback from her “RED” phase, the blonde stunned fans by whipping around her hair and tugging down black pantyhose, also wearing a plunging orange bralette – to begin with.

See The Video

Britney, who switched between red and orange underwear in the sensual shoot as she also rocked a black panties look, plus high heels in black, kept it low-key and unfussy, but she made a bang nonetheless. “Happy Birthday Fausto,” the star captioned her video.

Topping comments with over 4,000 likes was a fan writing: “I get more confused everyday with this account.” #FreeBritney continues to allege that the Grammy winner has no control over her social media. See more photos after the video.

Lawyer Warns Sexy Posts Might Damage Case

Britney will still have a conservator after her father is removed – one appointed by her own legal team. Amid this, Family Law Attorney of The Cronin Law Firm Sabrina warns:

“The initial reason the conservatorship was put in place is because of Britney’s very public meltdown several years ago along with other questionable patterns of behavior, which made those people around her question her mental stability,” adding:

“It is possible that the photos Britney recently posted online could be brought forward as evidence of her mental state at the hearing in November.”

A Big ‘However’

Sabrina did, however, note that the posts alone would unlikely swing the case against Spears entirely. “However, the photos likely will not be strong enough evidence on their own to prevent ending the conservatorship,” she added.

Britney Spears has been under strict conservatorship since 2008. Earlier this year, she told Judge Brenda Penny that she wanted 69-year-old Jamie Spears charged with “conservatorship abuse” amid claims she was forced to perform against her will and take Lithium – again, against her will.

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