The Use of Receiverships in Michigan

Most people recognize the considerable rights a creditor gains to satisfy a judgment if one is entered on their behalf. A judgment can result in harm to your credit score, lead to unpleasant creditor’s exams where you will be required to give testimony under oath about your assets, result in wage and tax garnishments, and […]

Is An LLC Right For Your Startup Company?

Founding a new company involves thousands of decisions that could affect its success. Choices in location, supply, manufacture, and personnel can all be critical. As you work through your start-up business planning, don’t forget to look at your corporate structure to decide if an LLC is right for you. What is an LLC? A Limited […]

3 Challenges To Creating A Business Succession Plan

Knowing what you want to happen with your business after you leave is a great first step. However, there are several challenges to creating a robust business succession plan that many entrepreneurs fail to consider until the moment of transition. Challenge 1: Capturing Institutional Knowledge You have been the head of your company for years, […]

Business Owners: Don’t Trust The Boilerplate In Your Contracts

Business owners enter into contracts every day. Some contracts are at the core of the work they do. Others are simply vendor agreements for coffee or office supplies. Almost every one of these brings with them boilerplate language that is often all too easy to ignore. But trusting the boilerplate language in today’s contracts could […]

Business Succession Planning: Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

There are many things to worry about when running a successful business. What will happen when you retire does not need to be one of them. Through thoughtful and proactive business succession planning, you can ensure that your professional legacy lives on even after you hang up your boots. Why Make Business Succession Planning A […]

New Hires: Are They Employees Or Independent Contractors?

A recent California Supreme Court decision is causing a stir among gig-economy employers. Changes in the way that state draws the line between employees and independent contractors may affect the bottom line of companies that rely on the lower overhead that comes with contracted workers. Will those changes affect Michigan-based businesses? What are the rules […]

Why You Need A Michigan Business Attorney On Your Startup Team

Startup business owners often fight to break even. Many entrepreneurs take a DIY approach, handling everything from marketing to manufacturing. However, even on a shoe-string budget, you need a business lawyer on your startup team to get your company on the right foot, and head off problems before they start. The Business Lawyer And The […]

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Terms Of Service Agreements

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Mark Zuckerberg have been center stage in the news recently, since the New York Times reported how the social media platform was used to affect the 2014 midterm election. The fallout from the dispute provides a cautionary tale for companies using terms of service to limit liability to users. Cambridge Analytica […]

Short Answers to 5 Key Startup Business Questions

Sometimes you just need a short answer to your top startup business questions to put you on the right path, keep you moving forward, and know when to visit your business lawyer’s office. When you are starting a new business, every day brings too many questions and not enough answers. Top Michigan business attorneys from […]

TAX FRAUD: Identity Theft’s Partner In Crime by, Mackinac Partners

The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that in 2015, they received more than 490,000 identity theft complaints—that’s nearly 50% more compared to 2014. Tax fraud is by far the biggest contributor to those numbers. According to the FTC’s Chairwoman, Edith Ramirez, tax refund fraud is the largest and fastest growing segment in the identity theft […]