Sexual Harassment Claims Are Biased By Beauty Standards, Report Finds

While everyone has an idea of what features and characteristics they find attractive or feminine, these thoughts become detrimental when applied, consciously or not, to believing accusers and defendants in court cases. A new report from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the extent to which women are prototypical, or conventionally attractive and feminine, […]

293: Things To Know Before Getting Married

From prenups to how to navigate blended families, understanding the complete landscape of marriage can help you deal with it’s challenges. Listen to today’s show to learn valuable tools to use before, during and even after marriage. In this episode with Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, we discuss relationship advice topics that include: Important questions to ask […]

How To Stop Divorce From Ruining Your Retirement Savings

A divorce can affect your life in many ways, especially financially. Divorces can alter retirement security because the process itself can be costly, and many individuals reach into their retirement savings to pay for legal services. This means those funds are either no longer deposited into their retirement accounts because that money is needed for […]

7 Steps to a Healthy Divorce Plan

There is no doubt that many couples have struggled since COVID hit—and for understandable reasons. Unemployment, financial stress, home schooling, death of loved ones, mental health issues, and mandated quarantining have all added stress to even the strongest couples.  A recent survey found that about one-third of couples have faced damaging traumatic stress in their marriage over the […]

9 Steps to Take When Preparing for Divorce

Getting a divorce is no small feat. In addition to the emotional process of separating from your spouse, legally ending a marriage comes with mounds of paperwork, division of assets, settling of debts, and navigating a new future. This process can take months however, knowing how to prepare for a divorce can help things seem […]

Real Talk With BELLA: Sabrina Shaheen Cronin

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin has been practicing law and has been running her own full-service law firm for the better part of the last decade – and now, she is expanding her work into the realm of family coaching, offering workshops and personal counseling to families undergoing stressful changes. In particular, her work aims to provide […]

What to know about platonic co-parenting — and how to make it work

When Eleanor’s relationship broke down, she wasn’t ready to send her ex packing.  “I always wanted my son to have a close relationship with his father, so when it was clear that our marriage wasn’t going to last, it was important for me to figure out a way for them to maintain regular contact,” said […]

How to regain independence after experiencing domestic violence

Each minute in the U.S., almost 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner. That is more than 10 million women and men in a single year. Adjusting to a COVID world has been difficult, but even more so for domestic violence victims forced to shelter in place with an abuser. With unemployment, eviction, job loss, and sickness, coronavirus brought a new surge of […]