How to regain independence after experiencing domestic violence

Each minute in the U.S., almost 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner. That is more than 10 million women and men in a single year. Adjusting to a COVID world has been difficult, but even more so for domestic violence victims forced to shelter in place with an abuser. With unemployment, eviction, job loss, and sickness, coronavirus brought a new surge of […]

Is The Bar Owner Responsible When Patrons “Take It Outside?”

Maybe there have been too many movies about fights that start in a bar until the patrons decide to “take it outside”. The Michigan Court of Appeals recently had to address the question of whether a bar owner was responsible when patrons and bouncers got into a fight off-premises that left one person dead. A […]

Are Property Owners Responsible For Uninvited Visitors’ Injuries?

There are many reasons to go door-to-door. Whether you are a mail carrier, a canvasser, or a Girl Scout, your success depends on the ability to safely approach strangers’ homes. But what happens if you are injured on the way to the door? Are property owners responsible for uninvited visitors’ injuries? Premises Liability Lawsuit Success […]

Can You Sue Contractors For Worksite Injuries Under Premises Liability?

When a construction crew takes over your workplace, or your home, who is responsible for injuries caused by dangers on the worksite? Should you sue contractors for worksite injuries under premises liability law, or is the landowner responsible for the work of their contractors? When you are injured because of dangers on a construction worksite […]

Who Pays For A Veteran’s VA Care After An Auto Accident?

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces have access to a wide variety of medical care through the Veterans’ Administration. When that treatment is necessary because of an auto accident, it can pit the U.S. government against no-fault auto insurers to determine who pays the bill. This post reviews the recently published Michigan Court of […]

Why Ice And Snow Might Not Lead To A Slip And Fall Lawsuit

The first winter storm of the season has rolled through Michigan, bringing ice and snow along with it. While winter weather carries an increased risk of personal injury, it doesn’t always lead to a slip and fall lawsuit. Find out what you should know about premises liability, and its limits when it comes to winter […]

Michigan Potholes: Can The Government Be Held Responsible For The Injury?

This winter has been especially hard on Michigan roads. The weather patterns have resulted in massive potholes across the state, and in local neighborhoods. When Michigan potholes cause serious injury, can the government be held responsible, or do you just have to rely on your own health or auto insurance? 2018 Is “Worse Year Than […]

Michigan Supreme Court Considers Hearing Trip-And-Fall Injury At House Party

Imagine going to someone’s home only to trip and fall down a stair you couldn’t see in the dark. Who is responsible for your injuries? Should the homeowner have warned you, or should you have known to turn on the light? That’s the debate happening right now in the Michigan Supreme Court. In December 2013, […]

Landowner Negligence: Who To Sue – The Landlord Or The Tenant?

When you are seriously injured on someone else’s property, a landowner negligence lawsuit may be the best way to be compensated for those injuries. Figuring out who to sue – the landlord or the tenant – can be troublesome. If you sue the wrong party, you could end up having your case dismissed. Landowner Negligence […]

How Your Michigan Car Accident Law Suit Could Change

For years, if you were seriously injured in an auto accident, you and your medical providers could seek no-fault benefits from your auto insurance company. But changes in the way the courts are reading the Michigan No-Fault Act could change the way you and your doctors get paid. First-Party No-Fault Auto Accident Lawsuits Explained Any […]