Our Employment Law Attorneys Will Help You Avoid Putting Your Business at Risk

Every business, regardless of size, must be prepared to deal with employment law issues. Not having the appropriate policies in place can put your business at risk and lead to unforeseen liability issues. The experienced employment law attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm can help establish the policies and procedures necessary to reduce risk and […]

Our Business Litigation Attorneys Will Protect Your Company’s Interests

The experienced business litigation attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm represent business entities as well as individual owners and directors in both routine and complex litigation matters. Though the goal of our attorneys is to seek dispute resolution through arbitration or mediation, there are times when litigation is necessary. In those instances, the experienced litigation attorneys of The […]

Our Dispute Resolution and Advisory Services Can Help Protect Your Interests Without Litigation

Disagreements can occur between multiple business entities, including employees, business partners, and governing bodies. However, disputes don’t always lead to lawsuits. There are many instances where techniques like mediation, arbitration, and conciliation can work. These methods are also effective for contract negotiations or business mergers and acquisitions. Having an experienced business law attorney on your side is […]

Our Business Formation and Transactions Attorneys Are Committed to Your Success

Whether you’re an established business owner or starting a new business, having a business law attorney experienced in business formation and transactions is a must. The business law attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm have not only legal expertise, but practical business knowledge to help advise business clients on day-to-day operations. In addition, Cronin Law […]

Forms of Contract in <br>Business Law

Given the increased level of competition and higher customer standards, businesses must develop long-term, dually beneficial relationships with their clients, suppliers, employees, and independent contractors. Business owners must view these relationships as “strategic partnerships” built on mutual trust and commitment. As a result, it’s critical that businesses customize their own commercial agreements which will allow […]

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Michigan Business Breach of Contract Case

You count on enforceable contracts to run your business. Your contracts with suppliers, vendors, clients, customers, employees, independent contractors, landlords, and other parties provide you with much-needed certainty about timelines, deliveries, costs, and profits.   When the contract terms are not satisfied, your business may suffer. You may bring a successful breach of contract case and recover damages […]