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Divorce in the Digital Age

By: Joseph Molina Flynn

The times they are a changing. Divorces become less and less traditional every day. Long gone are the days when divorce, by necessity, meant a long and contested process where an entire family’s dirty laundry would be aired out for the world to see. Today, we can rely on amicable divorce proceedings whenever they are available: mediation, facilitation, arbitration, and consent judgments are all ways in which divorces can be accomplished with little to no hostile interaction between the parties.

But what does a litigant do when she cannot even avail herself of the traditional litigation methods because her soon to be former spouse is nowhere to be found? According to a Court in Brooklyn, New York, she does what any other reasonable litigant would do in her situation…she provides her attorney access to her Facebook account through which her attorney will then attempt to serve the elusive spouse. 

Divorce proceedings will, no doubt, continue to evolve. If you are looking for a law firm which keeps up-to-date with the evolution of divorce proceedings, look no further than the Cronin Law Firm. We will fiercely advocate for your rights while attempting to negotiate an amicable separation wherever possible. Contact us for your free consultation today.

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