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Handling a Messy Divorce

Everyone’s divorce is different.  Some are rather simple and easy, but many are difficult and complicated.  The reality is many divorces do not need to be as difficult or complicated as they are.  Unfortunately, divorces typically are charged with strong emotion and conflict.  Someone, whether real or perceived, did something wrong that lead up to the event.  One party, and often both, feel they have been slighted, cheated, lied to, disrespected, or are doing everything while the other is getting away with everything.  Many people concentrate on the things the other is doing or getting, rather than what they are doing or getting.  This can lead to a circular argument and mutual hatred for each other. The main issue is, even if you and your attorney are not making the matter difficult and complicated, it only takes one party to do so.  Whether the other party to the divorce or their attorney is the culprit makes no difference, either one can frustrate the process, and sometimes they do not even realize they are doing it.

Handling a Messy Divorce Requires the Right Legal Representation

If the other party is the difficult and complicated one, and they have a seasoned and reasonable attorney, then this can be overcome, usually in short order.  If the other attorney is making the process difficult and more complicated than it should be, this too can be overcome but will take more time, and thus more money, to do so.  If both the other party and their attorney are combative and unreasonable then the matter can become overly and unnecessarily difficult, at no fault of you or your attorney.  The only way to rectify this situation is with Court, arbitrator, or mediator intervention.

Therefore, you, as the client, need to pick your representation carefully.  Do you want the “Bulldog” who will fight for every little scrap?  I would caution against this.  The Bulldog approach is necessary at times, but you need to know when your attorney’s time, and your money, will be better spent negotiating rather than arguing.  A good attorney will know the difference as well and should counsel you appropriately.  You also don’t want the “Pushover” attorney who will try and talk you into giving in at every turn, just to get the case settled as quickly as possible and move on to the next case.  This is true whether you are discussing property distribution, child custody, parenting time, or support issues.  Emotions run the highest when it comes to children.  Who gets them when?  How much in child support will one party get and the other pay?  Who will have to pay for extracurricular activities, uninsured medical costs, and other expenses for the children?  You want an attorney that knows what is worth fighting for, what you should give in on, and what the likelihood of success at trial, arbitration, or mediation will be.

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Fortunately, divorce does not need to be complicated or tumultuous.  It is very common for cases to start out complex, but, when the matter is unraveled, the simplicity is revealed.  Good attorneys know that the complicated divorce does not need to be complicated.  Your attorney should be the one to simplify the matter, counsel you to a positive outcome, and guide you to understand why it is the right choice.  If your attorney is constantly talking you into fighting for everything or giving in at every turn, you might want to reconsider who your counsel is.  Contact our experienced Michigan legal team today to represent your best interests in your divorce.

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