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Health Insurance Coverage During a Michigan Divorce

One spouse often carries health insurance for the family. If you carry the health insurance, then your coverage should continue without interruption after your divorce. However, if your spouse carries the health insurance, then you need to know what to expect during the divorce process and once your divorce is final.

Health Insurance for a Former Spouse

You may continue to be covered by your spouse’s health insurance policy until your divorce is final. Once you are divorced, however, things may change. You are no longer related to your former spouse and may not be eligible to remain on your spouse’s employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

Instead, you may seek coverage through:

  • COBRA. If your ex-spouse works for a qualifying employer, then you may continue your current health insurance plan if you elect COBRA coverage. While COBRA allows you to keep your existing health coverage for a period of time, it is considerably more expensive than employer-subsidized health insurance.
  • Your own health insurance policy. Divorce is a qualifying life event that allows you to seek health insurance even outside of the usual open enrollment period. Therefore, you may be eligible for your employer’s health insurance plan or another private plan. However, your time to act is limited and it is important to act quickly after your divorce is finalized so that you don’t miss your window of opportunity.
  • Medicare. Generally, Medicare is an option if you are 62 or older, you were married for at least 10 years, and other conditions are satisfied.


Health insurance is both expensive and essential. Accordingly, the cost of health insurance should be considered during your divorce settlement negotiations and reflected in your divorce decree.

Health Insurance for Children

Your divorce should not affect the health insurance of children you share with your former spouse unless your divorce settlement or decree details plans for different health insurance coverage. The cost of health insurance may be reflected in your child support agreement.

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