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How a Well-Drafted Employment Agreement Can Help You Avoid Problems

Your employees are an integral part of your successful business. Fair and well-drafted employment agreements can prevent misunderstandings during their employment and provide for smooth transitions when they leave your company.

What to Include in Employment Agreements

Some common things to consider including in Michigan employment agreements are:

  • Job descriptions. A well-drafted job description allows you and your employees to understand the scope of the job and the job expectations.
  • Compensation. Your employees should know how they will be paid and when they will be paid. You should speak with your lawyer about whether to include specific terms about how raises and bonuses will be determined.
  • Non-compete clauses. If an employee leaves your business, you may not want them to work for a local competitor. Non-competition clauses must be drafted carefully to prevent unfair limitations on your employees and to protect your interests.
  • Non-disclosure provisions. Your employees may have access to sensitive information about your business. If they share these business secrets and practices publicly or with competitors, it could hurt your profitably. Accordingly, it may be essential to include a non-disclosure clause in your employment agreements.
  • Dispute resolution. You may want to avoid the expense, hassle, and publicity of going to court over an employment issue. Instead, you may wish to consider alternative dispute resolution clauses in your employment contracts.

Of course, your employment agreement should be uniquely drafted for your business needs. Additional provisions may be necessary.

How a Business Lawyer Can Help You Draft Successful Employment Agreements

Our experienced Bloomfield Hills business attorneys want to help you prevent problems before they happen. We will draft, review, and advise you on employment agreements to set up your business for success.

Contact us today by clicking on our blue “Send Us a Text Message” button, completing our contact form, or calling us to schedule an appointment to discuss your employment agreement needs.

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