Michigan is a no-fault divorce state which means that you don’t need a reason to end your marriage. However, a spouse’s drug or alcohol abuse may be relevant to certain aspects of your divorce settlement.

Three Ways Substance Abuse May Impact Your Divorce

A spouse’s substance abuse may impact:

If your spouse’s alcohol or drug abuse is relevant to your divorce, then we encourage you to keep a log that includes when you witnessed your spouse’s substance abuse, whether your child was present during that time, and how the substance abuse impacted your child, if applicable. Additionally, you may keep a list of people who witnessed your spouse’s alcohol or drug abuse, including but not limited to friends, relatives, police officers, and social service workers.

Our Bloomfield Hills Divorce Lawyers Are Here for You

We know that a spouse’s substance abuse can hurt the whole family. Our experienced Bloomfield Hills divorce attorneys are here to talk about your needs and concerns. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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