Michigan divorce and child custody laws are supposed to be gender-neutral. Unfortunately, men aren’t always treated fairly when it comes to critical issues such as child custody and alimony. Our divorce lawyers, including our male divorce attorneys, are here to make sure all of our clients are treated fairly according to Michigan law.

Examples of Issues Males May Face in Michigan Divorce Cases

As a husband or father, you may face significant battles in your divorce, including but not limited to:

Many of these issues are based on false or outdated stereotypes that have no basis in 21st century Michigan law.

Let Our Family Law Attorneys Help You Achieve Your Post-Divorce Goals

Our Bloomfield Hills family law attorneys are here to make sure that you are treated fairly. We won’t let bias impact your divorce agreement, and we will fight as hard as you do to help you maintain a relationship with your children.

We passionately believe that men have equal rights in Michigan divorces. Our attorneys are here for you whether you are anticipating a divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or seeking to amend a divorce agreement.

Send us a text message, complete our online contact form, or call us today to schedule an appointment with an attorney who understands the tough issues you face and is ready to fight hard for your future.

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