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“Friend Urged Not To Tell Wife About Husband’s Affair and 2 Secret Children”

“Teachers who do sex work on the side are usually fired. Will they ever be able to claim employment discrimination?”

Reader's Digest

“My Elderly Mom Was Forced to Spend Thousands to Fight a Fake Eviction Notice”

American Bar Association

“How Social Media Hijacked the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial”


“Wife Demanding ‘Exhausted’ Dad Wakes Up and Cares for Their Kids Slammed”


“Grieving Woman Told to Get Lawyer as Stepmom Won’t Discuss $2M Inheritance”

Motherhood & Money Podcast w/ Bethany Bayless

“Finances Concerning Prenups, Postnups, Divorce, and Co-Parenting with Sabrina Shaheen Cronin”


“Indiana and Arizona Trigger Laws Set For September — Here’s What It Means”

JurisQ Legal Network

“Introduction of Litigation and Family Law Attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin”


JurisQ Legal Network

“Marijuana Laws in the USA: Brittney Griner Edition (Professional Opinion)”


JurisQ Legal Network

“Flaws in USA Juvenile Justice System – How to Fix them?”


JurisQ Legal Network

“When Doctors are Treated as Drug Dealers”


Yahoo! Lifestyle

“Is it OK to share images of kids on social media? Experts say 3-year-old Wren Eleanor’s social media accounts are a ‘cautionary tale'”


Business Insider

“Companies don’t have to be bound by restrictive state laws with Roe v. Wade overturned. Existing benefits policies give a clue about how they can preserve abortion access.”


Fox 2 Detroit

“Roe V Wade’s legal impact in Michigan”





“Seven Questions We Can Expect During Amber Heard’s Cross-Examination”

“9 Steps to Take When Preparing for Divorce”

“How Experts Recommend Co-Parenting With A Toxic Ex”


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