Michigan Boating Laws

Boating is a common leisure activity in the United States. This is especially true in the Great Lakes State of Michigan, where we are surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes and have nearly 1 million registered boats. However, a leisurely day out on the lake may turn tragic when boats are involved in collisions. This is especially true because laws regarding the who can operate a boat are generally a lot more lax than laws regarding who may operate a motor vehicle. Also, people who operate boats, typically have a lot less experience with their operation versus people who operate vehicles. The personal injury attorneys at the Cronin Law Firm give an outline of Michigan boating law below.

Michigan Boating Law

Depending on where you are boating, your remedies under the law, in case of an accident, may be different. If you are operating a boat in the Great Lakes or on any waterways that connect to them, you are typically governed by admiralty law whereas if you are in an in-land or land locked waterway, Michigan Negligence statutes would typically govern. To make matters more complicated, there are different sets of rules that govern whether you are operating a personal watercraft, such as a jet ski or a regular boat.

Just like operating a motor vehicle, there are numerous laws the govern the operation of boats. For example, just as you are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may not do so while boating either. Also, just like with motor vehicle accidents, there are laws that govern the reporting of boating accidents, especially in cases of personal injury. When operating a boat in Michigan you are to use reasonable care and the general negligence standard applies. However, accidents could also be caused by product malfunctions or other unforeseen issues. Therefore, it is imperative you contact an Attorney that knows all the boating regulations and are able to complete a through investigation, regarding fault, if you are involved in a boating incident.

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