We entrust medical professionals with our lives.  They have undergone extensive education and specialized training.  When we seek their assistance, we expect these professionals to properly apply their education, skill, and experience in treating us with our health concerns.  

However, at times medical professionals do make mistakes. Whether they can be held accountable depends on whether the mistake amounts to what is called malpractice (which is just word for professional negligence). In Michigan, malpractice (or professional negligence) consists of either:

In other words, did the doctor or dentist fail to follow the professional standard of care?

The Most Common Types of Malpractice

Most people are unaware of what is necessary or proper in any given situation when they seek the care of a medical professional. If something goes wrong, they immediately believe that malpractice has been committed.  However, a bad result does not necessarily mean malpractice. Therefore, expert testimony is critical in every malpractice case. In other words, to file a lawsuit you must have a doctor or dentist who is willing to testify that your doctor or dentist failed to meet the applicable standard of care.

Medical Malpractice Laws Are Complex

Also, medical malpractice laws are quite complex and impose various restrictions that make it more difficult to file a lawsuit.  For example, in a malpractice case the statute of limitations is just 2 years (as opposed to 3 years for a simple negligence case). Our experienced Bloomfield Hills, Michigan malpractice attorneys can review your situation to determine whether malpractice has been committed, and is aware of all of the legal requirements necessary to properly file your claim.

Michigan Medical Malpractice Attorneys Here To Help

Falling victim to Medical or Dental Malpractice can be emotionally, economically, and physically damaging. As a result of your encounter with inappropriate care by a professional, you may be suffering severe monetary and physical damages as well as emotional trauma. Contact one of our medical malpractice attorneys today to speak about your situation as you may be eligible for compensation. If you or someone you know has been a victim of Medical or Dental Malpractice, click the “Text Us” button on this page, complete our contact form, or call us at 248-258-3500 today to schedule an appointment for a complimentary initial consultation.

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