With the medical and recreational marijuana industry growing rapidly, The Cronin Law Firm is dedicated to remaining Michigan’s leading law firm representing business clients in the cannabis/marijuana industry. With the cannabis industry excelling to heights unimaginable, we are here to help lay the groundwork for a secure and successful future by providing the information and forward-thinking guidance that your business needs to comply with evolving Michigan laws.

Navigating a Challenging Legal Environment

We strive through planning and research to offer our clients a much stronger foundation in this changing legal environment. Years of legal experience, our approach has helped hundreds of clients like yourself lay a solid foundation for a fully compliant and sustainable business. The Cronin Law Firm handles various areas of cannabis law, including:

  • Nationwide marijuana business consultant
  • Obtain municipal approvals throughout Michigan
  • Cannabis business law
  • Marijuana criminal law

Let Cronin Law guide you through the often confusing process of establishing a marijuana provisioning center, processor, secure transporter, safety compliance facility, or Class A, B, or C grower license. We are here to guide you through the complex laws to establish a marijuana business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced business law attorneys.

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