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Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys Take a Team Approach to Your Case

A psychologist once said that the divorce rate is about 50%.  He then went on to state that out of the remaining 50% who remain married, half of them are unhappy.  Over the years we have found that many clients who come to us in a bad marriage will, for some reason, just “hang in there.”  On the other hand, some who might be able to save their marriage will decide to get a divorce.  Often there is no rhyme or reason as to why people decide to file for a divorce or to remain in a dysfunctional marriage.

Divorce can be a good thing. It certainly is one avenue out of a bad marriage. However, a divorce must be handled properly and, if possible, delicately. There is no one “cookie-cutter” approach to divorce. Every divorce is different and so are your needs and desires as you go through a divorce.

How Our Experienced Family Lawyers Approach Divorce Cases

Here at The Cronin Law Firm, we use a “team approach” to divorce.  Using football terminology, your attorney the quarterback who is overseeing your team and your divorce.  He or she guides you through the legal system with the help of others on the team which may include: a team of professionals (attorneys and paralegals) who specialize in family law; a therapist who can assist in allay some of the fears and nervousness the client may be having that so often accompany the divorce process;  a mediator a who is invaluable in settling many divorces and sorting through complicated issues and finding common ground for resolution.

In addition to the “team members,” several divorces require input from various experts.  For example, depending on the situation, there may be a need for: an appraiser to the value of personal and real property; a realtor to assist in the sale of the marital home; an accountant (or another expert) who can appraise and place a value on a business or professional practice; a private investigator (if there are allegations of an affair or some other inappropriate behavior that needs to be followed up on; tax attorneys and accountants to advise on proper tax planning and income tax issues; and child psychologists and others who specialize in child-related issues may have to be consulted regarding minor children. If custody is an issue then in some cases it may be important to have an independent psychological evaluation to deal with the mental health of everyone as well as looking at what will be in the best interests of your children.

Contact Our Michigan Divorce Attorneys Today

Again, every divorce is unique and presents various issues that need to be addressed. We believe the “team approach” to divorce we use at The Cronin Law Firm works and will allow you to move forward from your marriage to a new and hopefully exciting chapter of your life.  The better your team, the smoother your divorce will be, and the better your transition will be as you find out that you have traded in a bad marriage for a much better life after your divorce. If you are considering a divorce, or your spouse has already filed for divorce, contact us at The Cronin Law Firm and allow us to put our team of experts at work for you.

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