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Our Probate Attorneys Can Simplify the Process of Resolving Your Loved One’s Estate

The term probate refers to the legal process that occurs following the death of an individual (the decedent), regardless of whether or not that person dies with a valid will. If a person dies leaving a valid will, their estate is distributed in accordance with that will. If a person dies without a valid will in place, Michigan probate laws dictate how the decedent’s assets are distributed.

Probate gives a surviving family member authority to gather the deceased person’s assets, pay debts and taxes, and eventually transfer assets to the people who inherit them.

Types of Probate Matters That Can Benefit From an Attorney’s Assistance

The Cronin Law Firm specializes in all types of probate matters. From interpreting the terms of a will, managing the assets of a trust, to resolving property disputes and more, the experienced attorneys of Cronin Law will guide you through the Michigan probate process with patience and compassion. Though having a probate attorney in Michigan is not required, an attorney experienced in Michigan probate law often simplifies the process for families, and shortens the probate process.

If disputes arise during the probate process Cronin Law will litigate the matter, working to protect the wishes of the decedent and the family. The attorneys of The Cronin Law Firm have extensive knowledge and experience of estate planning, elder law, and probate disputes, handling each matter with compassion and understanding, and if necessary, aggressive representation.

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Having an estate plan in place is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed, your assets are protected, and probate is avoided. If you are facing a Michigan probate matter, or need an estate plan, contact us today.

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