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Real Talk With BELLA: Sabrina Shaheen Cronin

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin has been practicing law and has been running her own full-service law firm for the better part of the last decade – and now, she is expanding her work into the realm of family coaching, offering workshops and personal counseling to families undergoing stressful changes. In particular, her work aims to provide families navigating the waters of separation, divorce, and co-parenting with a road map that they likely would not otherwise have access to.

Sabrina pursued her law degree at the University of Detroit, while simultaneously completing an MBA program. Over the years, she worked at various firms with various specialties, and served as general counsel for a Professional Employer Organization. She was also an APA for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, before finally establishing her own full-service law firm in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which she runs today. While her extensive body of legal experience has made her a versatile and adaptable force in the courtroom, it has also combined with her uniquely creative background to make Sabrina Shaheen Cronin into the accomplished and caring communication expert that she is today.

Now, Sabrina is embarking upon another exciting new venture: Her many years of experience in the often-heartbreaking realm of family law left her once again asking herself how else she could do more to help people, all while using her own experience. In particular, she wanted to somehow provide those in need with the kind of help she hadn’t had access to herself. Upon exiting a marriage gone wrong, she found herself the newly single mother of three. Though a daunting prospect for anyone, she was never one to be kept down by adversity. Thus, Sabrina Shaheen Cronin the family and co-parenting coach came to life. Her ethos is simple: “Everybody deserves a chance at peace if they’re willing to work for it.”

Born from her own experiences, her workshops and counseling focus on the intricacies of family dynamics and all of the challenges that can go along with co-parenting and communication, as well as navigating the messy waters of family separation and divorce in general. Her goal is simple: to offer the same compassionate support to those who need it that she has offered to her own firm’s clients through the years as they try to navigate life’s messiest situations.

Each of Sabrina’s career changes was motivated by the desire to be doing more – the voiceless needed someone to speak on their behalf, and she felt drawn to become that voice and make real change in peoples’ lives. A self-starter, there was no road map for her to follow on her path to helping others, just a firm belief that it was what she was supposed to be doing.

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