Whenever parents divorce, the custody and care of their children may become a source of contention. Even if the court awards primary custody to one parent, the other may still be obliged to pay child support. While making child support payments can be financially taxing, most people do whatever they can to ensure their child has the resources to succeed. Unfortunately, some adults shirk their responsibility, jeopardizing not only their former spouse’s ability to care for their child but the child’s future, too.

How the State Can Help Secure Unpaid Child Support

If your former partner has been ordered to pay child support but refuses to cooperate, the State of Michigan could take action to secure their outstanding balance.

In Michigan, the Friend of the Court is responsible for enforcing child support orders. The Friend of the Court has many different methods to do this, including:

Legal Remedies to Unpaid Child Support in Michigan

The State of Michigan takes allegations of non-support very seriously. However, the Friend of the Court cannot pursue recompense for past-due support or press charges unless and until you file a special legal motion.

If your former partner is not seriously behind on payments, you may be able to seek assistance from Michigan’s child support enforcement services.

However, you may need to consult a family law attorney if the other parent is:

While the State of Michigan has the means to enforce some collection methods, the Friend of the Court may not be able to help you recover arrearages, even if they press criminal charges.

However, a family law attorney could identify novel strategies to secure compensation from a delinquent parent. We could:

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While the Friend of the Court can hold a delinquent person accountable for past-due child support, it may not have the resources or manpower to secure the money you need to raise a child.

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