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Therapy for Children in Divorce Cases

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have noticed an increase in confrontational behavior between the parties in our Divorce and Post-Judgment Cases. This has a significant impact on the mental health of the children involved. When parents can’t get along, we often see an increase in behavioral issues with children during one parties’ parenting time, and sometimes the children will refuse or fight to participate in parenting time with one or both parents when it is time to exchange the children.

Mental Health and Children of Divorce

The role of the Friend of the Court Referee and the Judge assigned to your case is to review and analyze the circumstances of your case and your co-parenting dynamic with a focus on the Best Interests of the Child(ren). There are several factors that must be considered, and they are even codified into the law. Oftentimes, if a Judge or Referee believes a child is struggling with their mental or emotional health, they will either recommend or order the child to participate in therapy with an appropriate mental health professional.

Resources for Children Struggling with Their Mental Health After a Divorce

It is always best for the parents to agree that the child(ren) participate in therapy rather than needing the Court to order the child to participate. Younger children don’t typically notice a difference, but older children tend to notice when their parents are agreeing on something or presenting as a united front. When therapy is Court ordered, older children tend to feel forced or pressured to participate and are more likely to be reluctant or suffer from additional stress and anxiety. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Court, or one of the parents, may wish to have the therapist provide a report based on either generalized statements regarding the child’s therapy or specific concerns brought to the attention of the therapist during therapeutic sessions. Whether therapy is Court-ordered or Court recommended could have an impact on the nature of the confidential relationship between the therapist and the child.

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