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Three Reasons to Work With a Business Lawyer to Develop HR Policies and Procedures

As a business owner or human resources manager, you want to prevent as many legal problems for your business as possible. Our trusted legal counselors are here to help you create useful human resources policies and procedures for your business.

How a Michigan Business Lawyer Can Help You

Whether you are a new business, expanding business, or established business, our Michigan business attorneys may help you:

  • Make sure you have thought of essential policies and procedures. Your policies and procedures should be tailored to your business. Some of the policies you might consider include employee compensation, vacation time, sick leave, flex time, bereavement leave, employee benefits, attendance expectations, performance reviews, dress code, internet use, employee conduct, conflict resolution, disciplinary measures, and hiring of new employees. Of course, this list is not all-inclusive and our attorneys will suggest other policies and procedures that meet your needs.
  • Avoid future problems with carefully drafted policies and procedures. Carefully drafted policies and procedures can help you avoid potential litigation, ensure compliance with employment laws, and avoid allegations of unfair treatment. A poorly drafted policy or procedure may not provide you with the protection you think it does.
  • Save time and money. When you hire an experienced lawyer to draft your human resources policies and procedures, you won’t have to research and draft your own and you will have more time for your other business activities. Additionally, you may save yourself the cost of future litigation.

Your business is too important for you to rely on stock internet samples for human resources policies and procedures. These samples may not be Michigan-specific and likely won’t meet all of your needs.

You Have Another Option: Contact a Bloomfield Hills Business Attorney Today

Our attorneys want to make a positive and lasting impact on your business by setting you up for success. Send us a text message, call us, or complete our contact form to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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