Tina Talbot: I killed my husband to protect my son

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SOUTHFIELD, MIch. – This week on FOX 2’s Let it Rip Weekend, Charlie Langton took viewers inside two topics that have gained a lot of media attention within the past few weeks.

First, it was a high profile case that originally came to surface in 2018. Tina Talbot was sent to prison after admitting to fatally shooting her husband.

Fast forward to 2020, the 53-year-old is now free and on parole after spending 20 months behind bars.

Talbot and her attorney, Sabrina Cronin, sat down with Langton on Let it Rip and the conversation took no time getting started. Talbot expressed how being in prison has allowed her to appreciate life more, and make her focus on completing certain tasks.

“Just getting my life back in order,” Talbot said. “I’ve been away for so long. There’s so much I have to do. Try and get my son back, find a job, get my house back in order. So, it’s a little overwhelming, but in a good way.”

Talbot went on to say, while she knew consequences for her actions would eventually come, she felt she did what she had to do – to not only protect herself, but her son.

“When I did what I did, at the time I did it, I knew that I would go to prison,” she said. “I was okay with that fact because it was more important to save my son and not worry about the consequences. I am 100% convinced, what I did that day, I had to.”

Throughout her trial, the allegations of Talbot’s husband being physically and mentally abusive was unveiled. She alleged that he even went so far to threatening her family and her pets.

“Unless you’ve lived that life, you have no idea how difficult that is,” Talbot said. “You’re in a position to where you’ve been alienated from the people you love, you’ve been threatened and put down.”

While she’s currently on parole for 2 years, the family of Talbot’s husband was against this.

“Anyone can make any kind of argument they want, Cronin said. “But, with our justice system, it’s all about whether it would stick or not, and time will tell if their claims will stick.

Talbot has no desire to see her husband’s family, and in the future she hopes to speak to women about domestic violence and share her story.

“I want people to look at Tina as hope,” Cronin said.

Jumping right into the second half of the show, we talked about elections again.

Recently, Monica Palmer, Chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, made allegations that some of her democratic colleagues, created a deal with the Governor and the Secretary of State to audit Detroit’s election results.

Palmer also said those same colleagues made promises to republican board members, to get them to certify the election.

Langton invited Democratic Vice Chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, Jonathan Kinloch, to respond to Palmers accusations. Instantly, Kinloch denied all allegations.

“That’s ridiculous,” Kinloch said. “We did the same thing we did in August primary election to move past the insane thought of not certifying the election. Certifying the election is not an option, that is a mandate.”

Kinloch went on to say no promise was ever made to republican board members. However, there was a discussion about two political parties, and other community leaders teaming up to ask the Secretary of State if she would be willing to conduct an audit.

Lastly, with Detroit’s population being predominately African American, Kinloch believes these allegations all stem from race.

“It has absolutely everything to do with race,” he said. “She didn’t talk about not certifying Livonia, and they had questionable numbers. She just entertained the idea of not certifying Detroit.

Palmer’s attorney, Michael Schwartz responded to that by explaining how not every accusation is about race.

“Just because Detroit is primarily an African American city, doesn’t mean every time someone calls out wrong or challenges something, there’s racism going on,” Schwartz said. “That ridiculous.”

LLet it Rip Weekend: Interview with Tina Talbot ‘I did it to protect my son’

Let it Rip Weekend: Interview with Tina Talbot ‘I did it to protect my son’


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