Rear-end crashes are among the most common types of Michigan car accidents. In 2020, more than 53,000 rear-end accidents occurred on Michigan roads. Seventy-eight people died and more than 10,700 were hurt in these crashes. 

Accordingly, we encourage all Michigan motorists to learn how these crashes occur, what to do after a rear-end wreck, and how to protect your legal rights if you’re hurt or your loved one is killed.

Who’s at Fault for Rear-End Car Accidents?

Rear-end crashes occur when a driver crashes into the back of the vehicle in front of them. Some common causes of rear-end wrecks include:

Typically, the driver in the back is liable for the accident. However, a full investigation into the cause of your crash may be necessary.

Rear-End Car Crash Injuries

The extent of your injuries depends on many things, such as the speed both vehicles were traveling, your overall health, and the angle at which the vehicles collided. Some possible injuries include:

A health care professional will diagnose your injuries and recommend treatment.

What to Do After a Rear-End Car Accident

You may begin protecting your recovery immediately after an accident by:

These steps may help you protect your fair accident recovery, which may include compensation for past, current, and future:

Our experienced Bloomfield Hills personal injury attorneys are here to help you navigate the often complicated and stressful times after a Michigan car crash. We invite you to call us, text us, or complete our online contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation today. 

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