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What to Do If Your Spouse Tries to Delay Your Divorce

Divorce is a time of significant transition. Whatever your feelings may be about your divorce, you likely want to settle the legal and financial issues of ending your marriage so that you can focus on your future.

Unfortunately, your spouse seems intent on dragging out the divorce process. This can be incredibly frustrating, but you can keep things moving with the help of an attorney.

How Your Spouse May Delay Your Divorce

Your spouse may try to delay your divorce to hurt you, attempt a reconciliation, or secure a better financial outcome in divorce proceedings. You don’t need to know why your spouse is trying to drag out the divorce process, but you should be aware of potential delay tactics, including:

  • Avoiding service of process if you file for divorce
  • Asking for multiple court extensions
  • Failing to respond to your court filings
  • Canceling depositions
  • Being too busy to attend a mediation
  • Filing frivolous motions with the court
  • Requesting extensive and unnecessary discovery from you
  • Making false allegations against you


We understand how frustrated you may feel, and we want you to keep the divorce process moving. However, we encourage you not to confront your spouse about potential delay tactics on your own.

How to Keep the Divorce Process Moving Forward

Our Bloomfield Hills divorce lawyers will keep the divorce process moving forward even if your soon-to-be former spouse tries to delay divorce proceedings. Depending on the specific delay tactics used, we may:

  • Talk to your spouse’s attorney
  • Ask the judge to issue sanctions against your spouse
  • Request a court settlement conference
  • Request a default judgment


You don’t have to stay married if you want to get divorced. Our experienced attorneys recognize delay tactics and will take the necessary actions to protect your rights.

We will go the extra mile for you and help you prepare for life after your divorce. Call us, send us a text message, or complete our contact form today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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