Filing for divorce can be intimidating. It represents one of the biggest changes you can make to your life: parting ways with a spouse you can no longer live with. However, for many Michigan residents, the process of divorce is as big a mystery as what they will do once the judgment is entered.

What Happens In The Days After You File For Divorce?

When you file your Complaint for Divorce, your case will be assigned a case number and a judge. Depending on the local court rules, you may receive a notice that pleadings must be filed electronically, or your case may be immediately set for a status conference, usually at least 60 days in advance.

Immediately after you file for divorce, your counsel at The Cronin Law Firm will attempt to have your spouse served with the paperwork. This could happen by:

“Service” proves to the court that your spouse knows the case has been filed and has received the paperwork connected to it. Without proper service, you case will be dismissed, and you will have to start over.

What Hearings Should You Expect to Attend?

The court appearances in a divorce action depend on whether there are children involved, and the local court rules. While there are exceptions, if you file for divorce without children, in most cases you can expect to attend the following hearings:

In cases involving children, the Friend of the Court assists the judge with issues of child custody, support, and parenting time. However, the method used, and the hearings involved vary depending on the size of your court and the arrangements between judges and Friend of the Court referees. Depending on your county, you should expect to attend the following additional hearings:

What Happens Between The Hearings?

In between all the court appearances, you should expect to answer questions and provide documents about your financial circumstances. You may also meet with your lawyer to discuss a possible settlement, or even meet together with your spouse and his or her attorney in a 4-way meeting to attempt to resolve outstanding issues.

Divorce is complicated. When you file for divorce, you set in motion a series of tasks and hearings that could take six months to a year, or more, to resolve. The exact nature of the process depends on your priorities, the issues in the case, and your county court. Make sure you discuss the process with your lawyer so you know what to expect when you file for divorce.

The Cronin Law Firm has experienced attorneys to aid with whatever legal issue you’re facing. If you are facing a divorce, contact The Cronin Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

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