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Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Spolier Alert: Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Estate Planning isn’t about how much money you have. It’s about protecting what you have; both during your lifetime and for those you love after you’re gone. It ensures you decide what happens to your stuff when you’re no longer living, such as who gets what, or when and how they get it.

Estate Planning truly is for everyone.  Whether you have $40,000, $400,000 or $40,000,000, you still should plan for the future. Estate Planning can simply be to name a guardian for your minor child(ren), ensure your child(ren) don’t spend all your assets if you unexpectedly pass or become disabled, or protect your assets from creditors and predators.

What Estate Planning Includes

Only an attorney can prepare an Estate Plan, which may encompass:

  1. A Will
  2. Financial Power of Attorney
  3. Health Care Power of Attorney
  4. Revocable Living Trust
  5. Irrevocable Living Trust
  6. Care Instructions (for if you become incapacitated or incompetent)
  7. Asset protection trusts
  8. Tax saving Charitable Trusts
  9. Private Family Trusts
  10. All the above


What You Can Expect from an Estate Planning Attorney

When you hire The Cronin Law Firm, PLLC, you are not hiring an individual attorney, you are hiring the Firm.  We utilize our team to service our clients in the most efficient and economical way possible.  We give you the attention you deserve, the time you need, and the plan you want.  We will work together to ensure you are provided the best service possible.   Our clients know they are taken care of because our success depends on it.

Contact Our Michigan Estate Planning Attorneys Today

The initial consultation fee is only $250.  This fee is waived if you attend one of our complimentary Workshops or retain us to draft your estate plan. Contact our attorneys today!

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