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Why the New Year Always Leads to a Spike in Divorces

The month of January is when most of us are ready to make a fresh start in one way or another, whether that means tossing the junk food to eat healthier, or cleaning up files to get more organized. As an attorney, I’ve noticed another type of activity tends to spike this time of year – filing for divorce.

People are ready to start anew, physically, mentally and emotionally. Every year, lawyers across the country are consulted in large numbers after the ‘ball drops.’ Some have been considering divorce for months. But in reality, very few are actually know what a divorce entails when they finally meet with a lawyer.

Doing a bit of research in advance can help move things along – and help to get you in the right frame of mind. Consult with your CPA or financial planner to see what your assets are and how a divorce might impact them. If you have an estate plan, it should also be reviewed. Do you own a home and or a vacation home? Have children? Do you or your spouse have an outstanding student loan?

It’s smart to find out what you’ll be facing before you file. Fact is, when faced with the realities of divorce some people decide to give the marriage another try. Whatever you choose, you want to come from a position of strength. That’s the power of being proactive instead of reactive.

Divorce isn’t something most people look forward to. Being unprepared can make the process even worse. Know where you stand, try to stay amicable and do what’s best for you. In the long term, that can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the New Year.

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