Woman says high-ranking Southfield exec groped her, exposed himself

(WJBK) – Shocking allegations of sexual harassment inside a Southfield office building.

A woman says a high-ranking executive sent her unwanted sexually charged text messages, groped her and exposed himself in her office. Now she’s suing.

“It’s disgusting,” said attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin. “It is horrifying, terrifying.”

That’s the only way attorney Cronin can describe what a Southfield woman endured for roughly 18 months. Cronin filed an amended lawsuit earlier this month against former senior Vice President Nathan Amoruso and the company R1 RCM.

Cronin says Janyl Jentlie began working at this local office in late 2015.

“This is a $500 million per year company,” Cronin said. “He was based in Chicago but he frequently visited the Southfield office.”

The suit alleges Amoruso began harassing Jentlie just after hiring her, grabbing her behind, trying to kiss her and making derogatory comments. Jentlie asked him to stop.

“Then it got worse,” Cronin said. “A lot worse. Very bad.”

Cronin says she is unable to repeat the vulgar text messages on television, and called him a “depraved” person. The suit accused Amoruso of coming into Jentlie’s office while she was on a conference call and while she was alone.

“He closed the door, preventing her from leaving, pleasing himself and then walking out,” Cronin said. “(He did this) several times.

“It is our allegation that R1 knew of his behavior even before Janyl was hired.

The suit also alleges Amoruso blatantly asked Jentlie for a threesome and discussed in detail sexual intercourse with a local head of human resources and four other employees.

“She reported it to HR. then what did they do?”

“It’s our allegation that they did not take it seriously,” Cronin said. “And did nothing.”

In a statement the company told FOX 2 that discrimination or harassment in any form is not tolerated, adding:

“We take matters of this nature extremely seriously, thoroughly review any such allegations and take disciplinary actions when appropriate. As a matter of company policy, we do not comment on litigation or personnel matters. That said, we thoroughly reviewed the allegations and took swift action.”

Amoruso has not been with the company since October. Since the lawsuit Cronin says Jentlie has been ostracized and retaliated against, and her workload unbearable.

“They didn’t care about her well-being,” Cronin said “It was all because of the bottom line.”

Cronin says that several more women have now come forward adding that this could turn into a class-action lawsuit.

“No person, no man, no woman, should be subjected to intolerable, abusive behavior,” Cronin said. “Period.”

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