Challenge2Change Workshops

Join Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, Founder and Managing Partner of The Cronin Law Firm, to discuss how we can make positive Co-Parenting changes during quarantine, by evaluating ways we can “Survive & Thrive” during quarantine and improve on our own Co-Parenting Skills.

The days tick by and we’ve all added Teacher, Therapist, Medical Clinician, Activities Director, Referee, Housekeeper, Pet Whisperer, Chef, Bartender, and many other titles to our already broad title of Parent!

We’ve had a new reality sweep over our lives, showing us some major chinks in the armor. So, what are those chinks? A non-cooperative Co-Parent? Selfish Co-Parenting or perhaps, being so frustrated that you “fantasize” of a peaceful, respectful, working relationship with your Co-Parent! Images of you both frolicking to exchange the kids, homework finished and clothes in hand, honestly looks pretty good right now!

So, what major chinks have you triggered? Can they be fixed? Can you admit what yours are to help your Co-Parent? Now is the time to get real about what it takes to “Survive & Thrive.”

Grab your lunch and let’s discuss what WE can “Challenge2Change” within ourselves, what WE can commit to ourselves, and how WE can hold each other accountable to push the needle towards a healthier and happier Co-Parenting relationship!