Wrongful Death Actions in Michigan

While dealing with the death of a loved one, the last thing any family wants to think about is attorneys and litigation. While this is completely understandable during such a difficult time, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel if the death of a loved one was caused by a third party’s negligence or recklessness. These matters are time sensitive, because Michigan law provides a three year statute of limitations for a wrongful death action. This means that if you allow three years to pass from the time of death without instituting appropriate legal proceedings, you may lose all rights to hold another party accountable (and collect financial damage) for the loss of  your loved one.

Filing a Wrongful Death Action in Michigan

No amount of money can ever compensate a family for the death of a loved one.  However, Michigan law does allow the family members to collect damages to collect damages that the decedent suffered at the hands of a third party that he or she could have asserted. Such damages include monies and benefits that your loved one would have earned during the course of his or her employment, the pain and suffering of your loved one,  medical expenses, as well as the loss family members sustained resulting from the death. Finally, family members are entitled to collect damages for expenses directly tied to the death, such a funeral costs. There are a number of legal steps that must be taken in order to succeed in a lawsuit for wrongful death, such as opening a probate estate and having a personal representative of the family appointed to proceed with a lawsuit.

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