Our Child Custody and Child Support Attorneys Will Protect Your Parental Rights

The decision of child custody and support is one of the most difficult to be made during a divorce. Even if both parents agree to a resolution, the situation is extremely emotional for both children and parents. Having a child custody and child support attorney in Michigan with the experience to resolve these issues efficiently and compassionately […]

Let Our Adoption Attorneys Help You Start or Expand Your Family

Adoption helps people all over the world start or expand their families. If you are considering adopting a child, you need an adoption attorney in Michigan with the experience to handle the complex laws and enormous detail that goes into securing an adoption. How The Cronin Law Firm Can Help Your Family As one of the most […]

We Help Business Owners Navigate Their Complex Divorce Concerns

If you are facing divorce where a business is involved, valuing and dividing business interests, protecting assets, preserving wealth, and avoiding potential tax consequences can make divorce for business owners extremely complex. With expertise in family law and business law, as well as a tax advisor and investigative division in-house, divorce attorney David W. Potts and The Cronin […]

How a High-Asset Divorce Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Assets and Preserve Your Wealth

Couples with significant marital assets face unique challenges during a divorce. From business owners, CEOs, CFOs, doctors, lawyers, athletes, and other professionals, The Cronin Law Firm has the experience in both negotiation and litigation necessary to handle the most complex divorce cases. Valuing and dividing business interests, protecting assets, preserving wealth, and avoiding potential tax consequences, make high-income […]

7 Tips for Dating After Divorce

Dating can be exhilarating, but there’s no doubt that it’s significantly more challenging after a divorce. Instead of only worrying about your feelings, you need to consider how starting a new relationship will affect your children. To help you navigate this complicated family dynamic, The Cronin Law Firm has assembled this list of tips for dating […]

Determining Custody of Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets After a Michigan Divorce

Your love your pet, and you also recognize that your pet also comes with financial costs and daily caretaking responsibilities. Many people worry about what will happen to their beloved dog, cat, or other pet during a divorce. As your trusted legal counselors, the family law attorneys at The Cronin Law Firm will help you […]

How to Prepare for a Divorce If You’re a Stay-at-Home Parent

You stayed home to care for your children while your spouse went to work to support your family. This arrangement may have worked well during your marriage, but you may worry about your future if you get divorced. How will you support yourself after being out of the workforce? Will your children be okay if […]

How a Teen’s Opinion Factors Into a Michigan Custody Agreement

A Michigan teenager cannot decide which parent gets custody. However, a judge may consider your teenager’s preference when deciding child custody issues in some situations. As a parent, it’s essential to know what to expect, what to consider, and how to help your teen through this family transition. How Michigan Courts Decide Child Custody Michigan courts consider […]

Issues Michigan Men May Face During and After Divorce

Michigan divorce and child custody laws are supposed to be gender-neutral. Unfortunately, men aren’t always treated fairly when it comes to critical issues such as child custody and alimony. Our divorce lawyers, including our male divorce attorneys, are here to make sure all of our clients are treated fairly according to Michigan law. Examples of […]